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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Sunday, 19 December 2010!
LAMENTED AT; 8:48 pm


Situations change, Perspectives change, goals change, people change.

Or could it be that the said change had always been in us- that all we needed were certain variables to alter this specific course we deem "normal" at that time; ie: the time of pre-change.

Sometimes we're so obsessed over what we used to be. We live in the past, even though the present screams change. We live thinking we have to fit the mold in which we first perceived ourselves at the beginning; as if that very first mold is our own idealistic and perfect image of ourselves.

Change is inevitable. Like the concept of evolution, we have to fight to stay relevant in order to survive. Maybe someone who was always on the losing end comes up fighting or maybe someone timid and shy ends up vivacious and outgoing. The question is, did these people develop this sudden "change" or had they always had it in them to be that change?

The truth is, there is a little of both though the ratio might differ from one individual to another. We can always say that we've had it in us from the beginning, or that life has just beaten it out of us. Who or what gives us the right to judge change when we are all equally subjected to it?

Every one knows that all change is not bad. People say it all the time but not many believe it or choose to understand it. The word is still very much associated with negativity and tension specifically regarding friends.

Maybe the worst effect of change would be when we ourselves are unable to cope with it on a personal level. Maybe we can't accept ourselves any more because we're still attached to the earlier discussed pre-change mode that we deem "truly" ourselves? And the moment this happens, we're doomed. After all, how do we expect people to be socially accepting of us when we are first and foremost unable to do that with ourselves?

If you're like someone I know who struggles with this, please do yourselves a favour and cut yourself some slack. No one including yourself has the right to tell you how you should be. All you need to do is always live with the best of intentions in mind and MAKE way for change.

because well, change is inevitable. and you know what? with a bit of luck, the pre-change us might just make an appearance and somehow find itself into our lives again.

best of both worlds?