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ChiaSuYen says that..

If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all. :)

If you got a buck, you should Spend it on food. Duh.

She may be dumb, but she is not stupid.

She has a million things to say but has writer's block most of the time.

Say something cool.




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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Friday, 29 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 9:51 pm

The world on a silver platter. Just for you.

But... What is this?

It formed, landed and planted itself on my head. Yes, I have the blond hair. HAHAHA.
Prior to everyone's thoughts that I had dyed my hair earlier on, well, not exactly. The blond hair, is in fact my real hair (which is why it's blond on the roots.) percaya tak?

I have been living with the story that I am actually an ang moh, pretending to fit into asian society. i wear brown contacts to hide my blue eyes. The secrets out!

of course, no one has been quite dumb enough to believe that story yet. @.@ but as long as he/she doesn't read my blog, I'm gonna keep trying!


Say hello to a cellist in this year's concert in concert. HAHA, i know, as unbelievable as this might be, I'm going to be playing in wms's very own string enssamble. how it'll turn out? I have absolutely no idea. but i do not want to lug the heavy block of wood all the way to school everyday for practice. Sigh, the pains of being a cellist. Sharing this burden with me, will be my fellow cellists yenli and Dylan.

Ahh well, this should be an experience. And I'm sure my teacher would be overjoyed too. better than playing scales all day i suppose. We'll wait and see!

Tomorrow's going to be the annual 30 hour famine. Which means, yes, no food, or milo. *gasp* I like famines, and I proudly say that I've been to every year's starting from when i was in form1 when it was first introduced.

anywas, I'm off to pack. Talk to ya'll on sunday when i'm done starving.


Thursday, 28 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 11:04 am

I am home! and missing approximately 4 mililitres of blood. =D

I know I may sound jakunted but i had my first blood test of my life today. So it's worth recording, and who knows, in ten years time, I might wonder, " Hmm, when was my first blood test?" and well, I'll have it recorded down here. 27th of June 2007!

I practically freaked out the whole time i was there. hyperventilating like an idiot. but what a shame, all that suspense led to a small prick. -.-" typical me, over reacting on the slightest things.. =P

The reason for my blood test? Skin medication. haha! yeap, if you don't already know, Im fighting in the war against zits. ugh. The first little white tablets didn't work, So it's time for a more serious one.

I need to cut my hair! gah.

peace yo. =P

LAMENTED AT; 9:55 am

You think you ought to be the one to feel bad for? you think you're the one who should feel horrible? Think about the people you played. Think about the promises and trust you broke. Think about it, and know that when you're old and wrinkled, no ones going to give a damn about how charming you are, because, eventually everyone will stop believing you. And yeah, running away won't help. helloooo, look at the mess you've created. single handedly done all by yourself.

i know, sounds harsh? I just have to say it. I'll always be there for you XiaoYun! =)

Moving on. I made a sandwitch today! And it's a total achievement, cause i was half asleep. My sandwitch was special, because i put sugar on the salmon and topped it with ketchup. I quote from everyone. "Taste like sardines lah!" yeh, I have sucessfully engineered a more expensive version of sardines.

When I open up a restaurant, this shall be on my menu.

It didn't go to waste, i fed Grace, SueAnn and ZhengErn with it. I made people happy. heee

Then during sejarah today, Santha decided to skip the grueling boring modules of making us read from the sejarah text book and asked us to do a series of err.. excercises.

clapclapclapclapclap and clapping and the clappity clap.
and go to the back of the class in a loong line turning sideways and front.

We all felt like criminals taking photos! The type where the witness stands behind the one way mirror to look at the suspects. Hah! yes i know.

Oppsie, this post was suposed to be posted yesterday, but oh well... My tuition teacher came early and i was forced to abandon the post. Thank you new blogger for saving my post!

Monday, 25 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 9:59 pm

I can't say I'm telling the truth when i say that I'm okay. Well, now i am, or was. I don't know. But some things still hurt so much despite it being a relatively small thing or something in the past. well, you get what I mean. Sometimes, I really just wish I knew what was wrong, but at the same time, i know that me knowing about it would be painful to listen too. The life of a paranoid freak maybe? yeah. oh sometimes i just can't live with myself.
Thank you Aloe vera!

I realised that putting sticky aloe vera jelly on your face is actually very helpfull! I'm not easily convinced, but i say, this really really works. Its like, your pores close-up, and your pimples less angry.

I even learnt from the website that it keeps your skin looking young. Apparently Cleopetra did it. If it works for her, it sure can work for me and you. ;)

Ahh.. I ain't blogging propelly, my brain is super clogged nowadays. siigh.
I just want to say, I'm sorry. Everyone.

Friday, 22 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 6:00 pm

Today half (or so) the population at 3K was missing. The discovery club people decided to ditch 'wesley goes green day" and run to the museum negara and other very very very educational places, while eating at McDonalds and buying starbucks. =P what did we do?

-ate cookies
-stole cookies
-have free periods.

whoopee! everyone's favourite thing to do in school.-nothing.

And so i introduce the theory behind magnets. Assuming the law of magnets is that like forces rebel, and unlike forces attract. ie: N-N; S-S; N+S; S+N

Hot girls don't get too well along with other hot girls
Hot guys don't get too well along other hot guys

Hot girls have not-so-hot boyfriends
Hot guys have not-so-hot girlfriends

So yes! there is some fact in that magnetic theory, and you can't change science.

And i say goodbye to early oestroporosis! I got the wonderful flavoured straws, curtesy of Junho's mum who brought them back from aus for me. Thankyou thank you! she has saved bones, not to mention my height. =D

tsk, anotehr short post. what ta do? =)

"what do you call spongebob squarepants when he turns into a pondan?"
"spongebob squarepanty."-Tan

Wednesday, 20 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 8:52 pm

Flying solo.

hah. It doesn't mean that if I don't say I love you, I don't. I'm just waiting for the right time to say it. Cause when I say something, I want to mean it.

Because most people's dearly beloved's seem to be giving them trouble. It's hard to make them understand, and heck, I bet we're a mystery to them too. Most guys are simple minded people. Girls are not that simple. We think about things over and over again, till our brain hurts.

I better stop, I'm beginning to sound very sexist.

I wish I could tell you how interesting my days have been, but the truth is, they have been dead boring! And I'm not going to start talking about what i did the whole of today or yesterday. ahh.. emo spell emo spell!

the conclusion from this post.

I'm lonely. yeah, we all have spells. And this time, it's my turn.

I watched Provoked yesterday. Ooh, talk about your serious emo/friction/inspy story.
it stared Aishwarya Rai as the abused wife for ten years. My gosh. That woman has real endurance. that ass hole of her husband should be rubbed in strawberry jam, and dumped into a hole full of red ants. Then, rot in hell. XD

Do Not be deceived i tell you. DO NOT!
The only problem though, was that I couldn't really hear what she was saying cause she was sobbing most of the time. But otherwise you should watch this movie!

Aishwarya Rai is sooo pretty. =) not pretty, Beautifull.

you can't go wrong if you have eyes the size of 50 cent coins, thin nose, and lushes lips. =D oohh~

Gah, enough of checking out girls. No mood to blog. :)

I'll see you in the next eternity...

Saturday, 16 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 9:04 am

Post dedicated to AlexHooi former warewolf (although now not so) for hitting 1000,2000,3000 on my sight counter. I acknowledge that it takes initiative to keep track of. ;)

For those of you who do not know AlexHooi in full, he's a former form5 at wms, which would make him in SUNWAY college now. teee, freshman! in american terms. =P If this does not ring a bell, perhaps you would know him as the scary prefect who always screened you for hair and pulled you out.

then blacklisted you.
then spoils your perfect record by sending you to the office.


Some background check on AlexHooi.

He used to pick on Kengyee, SueAnn, Jo and I for untidy hair. He marked us, and sent us all to the office. And i have to admit, we were all quite pissed at him.

Then a few months later after sports day, I got stuck in the petrol station opposite the stadium. My transport was late. I started talking to Alex. We chatted... and we realised we had alot in common. Although, he did have second thoughts about me, still thinking i was bitchy and spoiled. ( don't hide it alex! i know you did!) So yeah, that was the start of an almost decayed friendship. =)

So up to this point, it was just downhill. But after getting to know him and all, I realised he wasn't at all that bad. in fact, he was one of the nicest people around.

I started to trust him, and after long last, he started trusting me. Trust me Alex, it was hard getting you to trust me because you always thought that when i was being just normal nice, you thought i was sucking up! ouch* that hurt.

And Now...

I love him as a friend to bits!

He's listened and heard all my depressing rants last year, and gave me great advice i could really use. I felt that i not only could trust him, but could relate. Becuase he seemed to know all the best things to do or say the next day.

And as pathetic as i sound now, I just want to thank you Alex for being there. You make me realise that good things don't last forever and we should always make the best out of the worst situation.

And you may not believe it but there came a stage where I really didn't know who I was. thanks for reassuring me that I was best as i was and didn't have to change to gain other people's acceptance.

not everyone gains recognisation by being the nice guy and the peace maker in every situation, i know. So here's a post for you! not because you managed to hit my site for the 1000,2000 and 3000th time, (even thought that was an achievement ;)) but also to reassure you, like you have so many times to me, that good advice and good guys don't get forgotten, they are remembered. And remind us that really good advice to a friend, can make an impact their lives.

Thank you warewolf! ^-^

Thursday, 14 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 8:15 am

And she changes tuition teachers again!

Yeahp, thats me. After scoring alot of 70 averages this term (painfully average, mind you), it's time to crank it up!

But the question is plagueing the nation, or at least, class: "How on earth did Goh Sue Ann become so smart??!!" was it drive? someone? or maybe she's always been smart. Pfft. lucky thing. I still remember when she used to get about the same grades as me. *Sniff* nonetheless, I'm still shit happy for her!

And yeah, I won't blog about how my projects are going, cause we all know the answer to that one. =)

anywho on a happier note, SIB's drama entitled Potrait is showing this sat! I now extend my hand of invitation to whoever would like to come. It's going to be really good, let me know if you need deteails. It's free! and if you do happen to come without notice, I'll be the random person saying "welcome to sib!" heh, yes, i'm ushering! ^-^

We had games today, and I've concluded that people are wonderful netball players when they are HIGH.Yes high.

Anyways, this post was supposed to be posted on wednesday. My internet got cut and so i couldn't post. =( good thing blogger saves my posts eh? ^^

Tuesday, 12 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 8:40 pm

Happy birthday Melvyn Leong Jun Lam! =D (8 June)
Thanks for barbequeing and cooking pasta for us! and the yummy sate.

I know i know, quite late to be blogging about past events, but i can't help it. Lately I've been a little disconnected from the world. Projects.. and, you know. XD Plus the rain has cut'eth of the internet connection more than once.

So yesterday was
Melvyn's birthday party! Valerie and i ended up being the only girls at the club, because all the other girls bailed. =P no girls showed up. =( But ANYWAY, it was quite fun. We contemplated on swimming but decided not to cause the sky was looking a little bit suspicious.

Good anyway, the guys finished playing badminton and we walked all the way from Bukit Jalil Club to his house. It was so darn far! but hey, I got my exercise. =p Thanks Melvyn!

Yada-yada-yada. There was a barbeque where we stuffed ourselves to death. And i realised that the pot of
honey was not supposed to go on the sausages but on the chicken! never put honey on your sausage. Tastes uber weird.

Then on Wednesday the curse of my house being uninhabitted and guest free was broken by Jo and SueAnn. =D Oh yeah, my house has gone through a phase where absolutely no one has visited. Since urh? my 14th birthday party? cons of living in the city I suppose.

The day proved to be more usefull than I thought, because we actually finished all our kh drawings at my house! I half expected it not to happen cause you know, us girls arhh.. hee =P we camwhored a lil' then SueAnn had to go home. Me and Jo watched Sleepover. it's so sad that in Malaysia we're all deprived of fun things. ie: dances, normal clothes.

Ehhee.. and i fed Jo food! lots of it. Seriously she looks like she's being starved at her house. I feel like a good samaritan now. =D Life ambition #1 make Jo round!

And yes, We camwhored! ^.^ The day will come when camwhoring will be a job requirement.

"you think you the only one who can act retarded meh?!"

We know stuff you don't!

Pretty shot!
lala wannabes

"Okay, okay! try pose now!"


Tadah! We had fun.

it being the first week after the wonderfull spectacular holidays, its back to school. it's so hard to blog about school nowadays. mainly cause everything's in a mad rush. Finishing projects are extremely stressfull. But i can't say i'd trade it in for anything else. I like life as it is now. Just throughly uncomplicated.

help! everyone's lips are getting unvirginfied! XD

But it is a topic to talk about. So why fret? it's hillarious hearing about it. =D

I'm currently a little obssesed with Simon Webbe.

he's just so... Happy.

No? =D and happy's a good state to be in.

I saved you a last picture. =D

Jo can SOO pull it off. =P



heeeee Hope that made you laugh.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 10:06 pm

But then again...

And yes! she blogs again. Again, I get the feeling i'm blogging like a dumb blond. Not that i want to, i can totally blog like a serious person, (which I'm quite good at at times) but everyone seems to take no notice of serious posts, and real matters. So thus I've been forced into my shallow existance.

But you have to agree with me for matters like that. I mean, who WOULD want to read a post full of cleverly crafted facts. I bet alot of you skipped through my post about nutritional values of bananas and of course the song I posted up. I bet all of you didn't even bother reading it and more or less didn't download it. Hey, i don't blame you, but thats how the world goes!

I starting to think you skipped those two entire paragraphs too. O.o But who am I to say? you read what you want. Aren't i right? who wants to read anything else but posts or articles covered, stuffed and rolled in juicy gossip or dirty news. And for the dumb blong thing, if you actually read close enough, I bet this thought would flash in you mind.

"HAHAHA, that girl arh, she doesn't know how idiotic she sounds when she writes. My blog and so and so's blog is soooo much better. We desserve ten golden stars. whheee! (note sarcasm)"

So there you have it. And the chances are, so and so's blog is full of narcicistic comments and just plain ugly comments. Why do you think gossip magazines sell so fast? rather than that good solid book by that-famous-arthur.

Am I right or right?

I know. So you may have skipped everything i wrote up there and scrolled down to this part to have a look see if I had any pictures posted. true true? I've caught you red handed! told ya so!

Okay, that was my intelectual post for the evening. Regardless of whether you read it or not, I state a fact that I CAN write properly. Geese, what does it take to convince people. -.-"

Dumdumdum. So I'm being lame again big deal. I got even lamer news for you.

I played maple today. HAHA, of course i had a long lost maple buddy with me. Lionel! back from the anti-maple world. And this time i wasn't the noob (in other words newbie) to him. lol! a huge step up for me considering he used to tell me what to add and where to go and what to do.
But who can blame him? he stopped playing a few million months ago. ;)

It was fun. Getting chased by scary monsters and dangerous purple dinosaurs was the chery on top of an otherwise boring, button-pushing game.

And tomorrow, Arkib Negara for the info on my sejarah project with Jo and er... well, the others haven't confirmed.

Life is sweeeeeeeet.
-quote KengYee and SueAnn in accent.

Monday, 4 June 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 3:42 am



Thanks for the advice, the spills, and the crazyness! love you to bits. =)



okay, pretty lame for the start, but I can't help it! Do you blame me if all you do in Penang is eat and shop? certainly not. Because if you were to stay in Penang for more than a week, you'd (Or I to be more exact) would definately become obese. ;)

Penang was good, if you had lots of cash and a high metabolism rate. Those two you can't do without. The only downsides... the trip there and back. *phhheew*

Maybe it's programmed in their heads like a microchip, but grandmas talk so bloody much! its tre annoying, especially if one is on a 4 hour drive to penang and only had say, 4 hours of sleep the night before! it was like verbal diorhea, on and on and on and on and on. four 4 hours straight! and I ain't exagurating. Not for 2 minutes did she just keep quiet, and we were all craving sillence. which technically, didn't happen.

I barely managed to survive not sleeping, so i put on ear plugs, pulled my head phones over my earplugs, and blasted music from my i-pod. Even then, I could still hear my grandma's voice drone on and on.

Another downside. no pictures! =( Thus this only word post.

so the conclusion of my trip, food and shopping. ^^ Coincidentally, Xiaoyun and Trish were there too! But sadly with all our different plans, I didnt get to see Xiaoyun but only trisha for about 5 minutes. We tried looking for Melvyn's pressent, but after 5 minutes, she had to go. So I'm still looking for a present! gah.

It was pretty average la, typical malaysian holiday, but Meisan and I had fun. ;D The trip back was very very the tireing, because it was raining and there was a huge jam. So much so that my dad got so fustrated and took the 'old trunk road' home, as he called it. We ended up in a highway that never ended. living on my dad's word that "all roads lead to Kl.- EVENTUALLY.

But i can't say it wascompletely useless, We got to Batang berjuntai, (don't ask me where it is) and how many Malaysian's can say they've been there? After all it's so rural, who would want to go there?

And I thought i was loved during my trip to Penang, because Jianhua wanted to call me. But sadly he did that to all his other lovers, and thus I don't feel special anymore. JIANHUA!!! =(

Ahh.. fine fine, i'm so lazy to blog now. Anyone wanna go out? =D