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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010!
LAMENTED AT; 7:29 pm

Australia in a Nutshell

Hi Everyone, My first post from the land down under. Everything's alright here.. Nothing's really new except maybe the weather which is really moody. I'm currently staying in my uncle's place. It's near the beach!

in Australia, life starts when you are 18. Well for me anyway.. The Uni won't allow me to stay at the residential college till I'm 18 so that means I've got to homestay from the 8th (when my term starts) till the 21st. I was originally going to move in on the 22nd but the reception lady told me that they had a dinner on the 21st and orientation on the 22nd I didn't want to miss.

Yeah, So I'll be spending my birthday moving out of homestay lady's house...

The people over here are really nice. The sales girls chat with you and ask you about your day. They give you big smiles and are soo helpful. The public transport is awesome too! You can go anywhere anytime and EVERYTHING is right on time.

Went to see my uni/college too. The international college is not too bad, it's a building with a yellow entrace and there is quite a friendly feel to it. kind of like a foreign primary school. We explored the campus (uni campus). They have a moat and ducks but my cousin said the water has two strains of syphilis. Don't touch the water! The Uni center is called Agora (Ring a bell anyone?) It's the ancient greece public open space used for assemblies and markets.

The city is as usual hustling and bustling. We mad a stop to Melbourne U which is in the heart of everything. I think I'm bias but i like my duck and moats and trees. :) Oh, my residential college is brown! It looks pretty good.

So to sum it all up. i will be living in three places for these next few weeks. from now till the 7th I will be in Sandringham with my mum (uncles place) from the 8th till 20th i will be with the home stay lady, and FINALLy on the 21st I can move to my residential college in la trobe!

Pheww.. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I have so much stuff to take now. It's slowly building up now that I am buying all my toiletries and electrical appliances. I never realised how heavy and bulky jackets and winter wear can be! Now I will be equipped with a big suitcase, a small hand carry bag and a big box of stuff.

Anyway, here are some pictures of stuff. :)

Imy yun. :(

If we were older.


Thanks for sending me off. :)

Kebab's in Agora! haha. We are such tourists.

and I left my heart at home.

That's all! Shall be updating my blog about things here so stay tuned. :)

Miss all of you at home, have fun at college people!