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ChiaSuYen says that..

If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all. :)

If you got a buck, you should Spend it on food. Duh.

She may be dumb, but she is not stupid.

She has a million things to say but has writer's block most of the time.

Say something cool.




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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Friday, 31 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 2:27 pm

At the top of the world. (:

it's amazing how you make me smile like an idiot every time i talk to you.

I'm Carpenter obsessed nowadays.

Karen carpenter looks like she'd just inhaled laughing gas here. HHAHAHA.

It reminds me of a time in kindy when tying my hair in a straight ponytail was the biggest of my worries.
OHH, gone are the days!

But really. I think they deserve a happy award. I wish there was a way to tell them how wonderful they are for making people like me happy. =)

To further fuel my happy happy mood, I shall present to you my good friend the kiwi. ;D YOU must must must absolutely watch it, because it is the cutest thing in the world. And because it has little tiny hands when it flies. (:

It's a tragic ending, but mind you, the moral value behind it is priceless!

See... Told you!

be prepared for more random things that make me happy!

My doggie makes me happy! :D

& my friends of course make me smile every time. (:

Wednesday, 29 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 8:47 pm

Think again.

How many Chia Su-Yen's could there be in the world? & I thought I was special.

How annoying!!

It's so vain of me, but seriously. NOTHING seems to sound like me. suyenchia is taken and chiasuyen sounds like a mesh of words which don't make sense. My email add is in desperate need of a change. Why? because puppyluv is SOOO 12 year old. x)

But don't you dare laugh! I dare you to stare me in my eyes and tell me you haven't gone through that phase before. ppfftoooi.

LOUD was great. (: Uhm. Well missed quite alot of it, but it was great anyways. I was totally feeling lazy the day before, but i told myself I needed to get out and at least socialise with new people. I think I can be such an introvert at times.

But I met zoee and Jon Ho and a few of my fellow SIB-ians. Hahahaa! I still can't believe Jon plays the cello too. *GASP* I will post pictures as soon as I get them from ammyshay. (:

Monday, 27 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 9:38 pm

I watched HSM 3!

and I loved it.

I don't care what all of you say! I think it rocked! Obviously you'd have to expect some amount of cheesiness and squeekyness from Gabriella, but still! I totally give them props for this last movie.

And despite all the criticism on the lame-ness and cheesiness of the whole HSM "trilogy", I really think the movie's inspired countless little kids in the world to be their best and chase after their dreams!

It may not be realistic but hey, I think we all need a little hope in our lives. Maybe if we keep that, the world would be a better place.

So YES, the story line's been cheesy, but so what?

I mean, despite it being cheesy, people still talk about it right? (don't deny it!) Maybe we're just a little tad bit jealous of how perfect their lives go. And even though that's just hollywood, it's nice to know that some people out there are living their dreams. And hey, if it hasn't impacted OUR lives, think about all the actors and actresses who are now famous because of HSM.

The choreography and music was just awesome! They all just ooze enthusiasm.

But, I'm not saying it was perfect lah. I just think it's what you should expect from a typically "disney" movie. :D

And we all know I'm a sucker for things like these, hmm?

So I support HSM3 not because it is waaaay better than the other 2 movies, or because some the cast became more good looking, but simply because this movie is so unrealistically optimistic.

Our world needs more of optimism. (:

Tuesday, 21 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 9:24 pm

Return of the dead.

FINALLY. The stupid finals are over. That means I can come out of my little textbook filled bubble and come out into the open again, regaining my social skills (If any). :D

But first of all, A big apology to everyone I've ignored or snapped at this month or so. I'm sorry!

I've also took the liberty of updating links. So you people may click on very clickable links like AlexHooi the warewolf and EliseCheah, my nametwin. :D

So many things to do and catch up on! & not to mention people to appreciate. Xiaoyun darling for listening to my rants, lilipede for being there when I'm freaked out and Mr Jeremy Tan for the positive reinforcement. :D

But I shan't bore you to tears with my thank-you's and what could've been's.

Did you know they're decided to change Jalan Alor to Jalan Kejora???

Gah. I mean, you'd think the politicians are so busy politicing that they'd have no time to think about other stupid things right?

Proven wrong. I mean. It's a stupid street name for heavens sake! Like nothing to do only. xD

Like. HUUHHLOOO. Makes you just want to grab them by the shoulders and shake them right!?

They could be building more LRT stations and fixing up roads and yet they still find the time to change street names!! geese.

This pent up bad energy is bad for the soul. I shall blog next time!

Happy exam-free days everyone! :D

Monday, 20 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 8:42 pm

Oh Oh oh!!

Did you know that Moby Dick (yes, the most famous fictional giant whale as depicted by Charles Dickens) has actually got an Albanian disease?

It's a disease that makes people/animals white-skinned and have very light coloured hair! Like an Ang Moh.

The only sad thing is that people with the disease are mostly blind. Which makes me wonder,

Was Moby Dick blind?

Reading the newspapers does have it's perks. Especially if you're trying to procrastinate from studying. Ahem* Oh well. It's just one more day! then I'm homefreeeeeeee!

lalalalalalalaa. Then I shall blog more. ;D

But for now, Addmaths and bio beckons me!

Friday, 10 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 8:30 pm

That's what you get.

Until now, I have had no idea it was possible to have two mental breakdowns in the course of two days. But I'm okay! I guess we'll always get through it, hm?

Bible knowledge was okay! Only cause I studied. ;D

And I've also decided I don't take myself seriously enough. -.- It's the most annoying feeling ever. OH WELL.

Why do we have to hurt so much?

But I'm okay. Who needs to dramatize things right?

Friday, 3 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 1:56 pm

My Summertime.

First of all...


My friend with the large eyes and the happy smile. (:

Okay. that's all!

The thought of you makes me still makes me crazy.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 5:48 pm

Why me?

Because you saw me when I was invisible.

I am a hopeless romantic sometimes. Unrealistic. but who doesn't want their princess or prince charming?

Imagine. There are approximately 6,602,224,175 people in the world.

& out of that number, there's at least 1 person made just for you.

Imagine the person thinking the exact same thing.

Do normal love clich├ęs really exist?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
What if you never meet your soul mate your whole life?

It's called blind faith. Because I know I'll Know when it comes or if it does. =)

So does this post mean anything?

absolutely not.

It's just nice to know that there is someone there you know?