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ChiaSuYen says that..

If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all. :)

If you got a buck, you should Spend it on food. Duh.

She may be dumb, but she is not stupid.

She has a million things to say but has writer's block most of the time.

Say something cool.




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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Thursday, 31 July 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 8:17 pm

It's Always New Day.

So typical isn't it? a teenager's life is one filled with mixed feelings and emotions 24/7 hours of the day.

For example. I was feeling freaking angry at the immaturity of *person not to be named* and handling so called "problems". you don't SUSPEND people for deviating from script lines and being late to concert. I feel sorry that you have to result to such immaturity just because you can't deal with the fact that someone has a better point than you. Your're a sad person with pride issues and I understand why you don't have any friends. (:

And now I'm a wee bit more upset that I'm not going to Australia with everyone. As if I don't feel isolated enough. And i really did want to go.

And even recently I feel like i have so many things to do but I just can't bring myself to do it!! My Piano and cello exam's in two weeks and my scales will kill you. I know it has already eaten half my ear out. -.- Doing my homework is a killer and so forget about revising or anything. I can't even sit down to do my own work. siigggggh

Oh Oh. And now that I think of it. i should mention it just for the record. The monitor's trip was okay lah. I wrote that post ignoring all the bad things, thus making it sound better than it deserved. The number 1 let down is that it was way too expensive. 200 bucks for a night and a day and a half. No activities whatsoever except for the basket making and the fruit festival. WHICH, by the way, after some research was a huge rip off.

RM4 for 1 kg of fruits
is definitely NOT cheap at all. In fact, You could get better fruits from the city for a cheaper price. luckily we used coupons to buy them. But wait, we paid for those too. -.-

And NOW, I think people who misuse air-conds should be strung up, turned upside down, and dragged to an abandoned playground in the middle of the scorching sun and FRIED!!!! How's that for a taste of your own medicine you environmental inconsiderate LOSERS! May you choke to death on your own CFC emissions by the retarded air conds.

And now I think I'm going a little crazy cause only I can stay really bugged and disturbed by some people leaving their air cond in their apartment on 5 DAYS IN A ROW while they are not even in the bleeding country!!!!!!!

Oh, don't get me wrong. I think air-conds are a life saver many of the time. But you should only use them to the minimum!! Even now, It's like 35 degrees but you don't see me switching it on.

No you don't! I don't care if I sweat while typing this.



and you should do. If you had any common sense.

Saturday, 26 July 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 7:28 pm

The Simple Life, Monitor style.

I am back! Yes, while most of you were busy running around Kl looking for clues, I and my faithful monitors were in the jungle eating fruits and making baskets without a worry in the world. The closest thing we could really worry about was when our next meal would be or whether the rambutans at the rambutan tree across the road would taste good. Now that you think of it, it does sound very lame. Monitor trip to uh, where?!

In Big bold letters. The fantabulous, Negeri Sembilan!

So it was a good 45 mins to an hour's ride there. Precisely enough to yap all we want but not get bored. :D We got to this field which was really bare, and got down from the bus. There was nothing there but trees and mountains and the air was noticeably and pleasantly carbon monoxide free. So we got into separate cars which took us deeper inside to the Kampung area. You would think that there would be no carved path for cars and all, but on the contrary. There were real actual TAR roads! OH, and even 10 year olds ride motorcycles!*gasp*

Arrival!! the "Damn, why are we even here!?" face.

Of course it got better. Everyone perked up when...

Qi Wei climbed a tree and handed out rambutans!! HAHA, okay, maybe he didn't climb the tree, but we still had rambutans. What a way to start the day right? food upfront.

Dan and his rambutan orgasm. :D

After being assorted to our foster parents, (Did i mention it was home stay? :)) we jumped into our foster parent's (FP) car and followed them home.

We were doggy tagged! if found, please return to *blank* family


The back door which leads to the back. Full of kampung characteristics. note the chickens and cats living in harmony and the durians (some half eaten) sprawled on the floor. Now, THAT'S life. :) The scenery was gorgeous! Everything was so peaceful, so sleepy, so undisturbed. I am seriously considering building my holiday home on a hill in the middle of nowhere. maybe a nice comfy small house with good plumping and a vegetable patch. aaahhh...

Note mountains. :D I bet the scenery if i built my little cottage there would be awesome.
Then it was back to the balai raya. The whole kampung reminded me of learning geo again. with all the peta topografi's, makro and mikro's, and how I struggled to differentiate a Balai polis and a balai raya. LOL. There was even a proper PLASTIC playground at the Balai Raya. We spent most of our time here, releasing the child in us!

Note: The BR is just a central building, with a hall and a place to gather. like a multi purpose gathering spot!

Then it was demo time.. . So they showed us how to turn this...

Into this! :D My very proud creation! And the process...

Then there was a traditional musical instrument demo after this. They kept playing the same song over and over again until it got so annoying!

Then we had a turn too. The dudes at the cek Lempong (bell thing) looked so annoyed. Poor thing must've taught like 50 over tourists the same song already. lol!

There was free time after this, So we basically roamed around the kampung streets till like 8.30 when it was time to come back to the BR for dinner. It started raining though, so Yein, Val and i borrowed an umbrella from our mother and went strolling along in the rain. We kacau-ed the guys and made them come along with us too. :D

by now we were already so settled in. So much so that they decided to marry John and Yein in a traditional wedding. Complete with the costumes and ceremonies. It was cool lah, they actually carry their bride and groom into the wedding place. The guests and all follow behind... And since I was one of the "guests" I had to be behind and so you're only gonna get shots of their butts!

The night went on.. It was basically just dance, music, dance, music in that order for a few times. So the guys in black would take the left part of the stage to play music while the girls took the right side. Somehow, I don't think it's really that different from us. because you know, as the girls dance, you can see the murmuring and whispering among the guys who are on the stage watching them. hmmm.... Sorta like how we watch and sometimes giggle at guys who play basketball or any type of sport for that matter. =D

I wonder if they go telling their friends, 'Hey! i'm dating that girl. You know, the one which looks really pretty in the red kurung. Yeah! the one who was dancing in the middle. i think she's so hot!" isn't it just such a cool thought? :D And they're all so sweet. They give their girlfriends rides on their motorcycles back home. awww.


Entering the BR with all of us at the back!

Ga Joon's adorable here. x)

Our family! minus Ga Joon and John. Did you know that most of the people there have very large families. An average of 5 children per household.. Our dad was so typical. He kept talking about studying hard and building a rocket that could 'pecut' or something like that for the future. All because we told him we were in science stream. hahahaaa! He's the blur looking guy in the middle if you're wondering.

Then we went home, took a cold shower, and did what we always do best. ;)

Camwhore. :)

The next morning was so unplanned. Geese, because of a certain mosquito, who didn't even tell us what time to meet back! There was a pesta buah-buahan the next day, It's like a carnival with lots of food and fun competitions. They had fruit carving, fruit arrangement and cooking competitions. And the best part is, they gave us 15 dollar coupons to buy fruits! we ate a lot there, and I brought back like 6 kilos of mangoesteens, langsats and rambutans back. The mangosteens were heaven.

Crap! ran out of space. Next post please! :D

Friday, 25 July 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 3:25 pm


you'd think that no one would show up for a fruit festival in the middle of the jungle. it was so not the case this time. There were people from all over. Even some from kl.

And our mother took part in the cooking competition...

That's her pounding.. uh, something.

There was a rambutan wall!

The mangosteens were the best part. I bought like 3 kg but discovered i took the wrong bag of fruits home.. =( so sadly, i did not bring enough home. pity.

And going home. We all got paper bags with biscuits and kuih bahulu. :D

pepsi cola! x)

And the little boy who spits at people. It's okay Cardin, I think he likes you. (:

So yeah, that concludes my trip to the jungle. Our dad promised he'd take us fishing and jungle trekking if we came back. Hmmmmmm.....

Maybe next year.