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ChiaSuYen says that..

If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all. :)

If you got a buck, you should Spend it on food. Duh.

She may be dumb, but she is not stupid.

She has a million things to say but has writer's block most of the time.

Say something cool.




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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 10:53 am

Greetings everybody!

I'd just like to say I'm very high now. I had an amount alcohol dosage from my mummy who had a big glass of apple cider. (which is yes, alcoholic!)

Today I played tennis with Catherine! and and I had fruits and I went for a swim. Then I had another cramp. And this nice dude came to my lane in case i drowned. He was nice.

And so, I make you poem! =D

Today there were protests,
Near town, Kuala Lumpur,
There were people everywhere,
Mostly dark and not very fair,
and money they demanded,
for all the pain that they had suffered.
For the years in the sun,
cause bein' exploited ain't fun.

There were people running up and down,
and police started coming round,
their plastic shields glimmering in light,
Their helmets looked as if they were on too tight,
Tear gas they had used,
Just to disperse a long long queue.



Whoa, I was so high yesterday, sorry for the people i kacau-ed online. I honestly don't know what to blog about these days. Because blogging about my life seems very unimportant, and I'm pretty sure no one really cares what I'm doing over here.


Today I went shopping with the one and only Amandachin! :D

We weren't in the mood for shopping in the beginning, even though our mummies were there, but somehow that changed and we went crazy. =D
So yes, I got a new top and some jing jangs lah. and my mother bought a bling ring. hehehe, of course I'm ecstatic because whatever she buys now, I will get in the future. It's the perks of being an only child you see. =D

HAH, and Keith arhh.. I tell you, I'm going to whack you for making me hungry every time i talk to you!

And yes, that shall be it. My maple still not downloading. so toopid i tell you. It's a freaking lame game but I'm bored and can't help myself. :(


Friday, 23 November 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 12:22 pm

It's alive!!

My computer is alive!!! after lots of troubleshooting and a final reformat, it's back to its usual self, minus all the laggyness and stupid errors. =D

On Tuesday xianwei, Jo and I went to mv to watch stardust! I have to admit, one of the better movies I've seen in a loooong time. Now that i think of it, I can't recall the last time I watched a good movie. and I think it's waaay better than transformers. ( I know I'm going to get whacked by that comment but who cares? I'm a sucker for feel good movies:)

So, before you watch stardust, ask yourselves... (as quoted from philip. =P)

Do you like fantasy?!

Do you like fairy tales?!

Are you a sucker for romance?!

if you've answered yes to all these questions, chances are... you'd like stardust. =D


Moving on... I had a pleasant enough debate with XianWei while we were getting a drink at Midvalley. Just so you know I don't usually like to bring politics up but I guess he really put me on the edge. So yeah, politics smcholitics, I've come to the bottom line that XianWei loves Malaysia far too much. That's amiable I suppose, but then again, Patriotism drives people, and sometimes those drives aren't necessarily always beneficial. He blogged about it, but some of the things I said he couldn't remember and so their a bit messed up. So hear I am to clear things up.

Just let me get ONE political post down. I'll try never to bring it up again. bare with me here..

First of all..

I do not agree fully with Barisan.

I think it's stupid that the government should give sooo much special rights to the bumi's. It's unfair to the other major races. I have nothing against Malays, their a wonderful bunch and they could do soo much better if they didn't have the government spoiling them all the time. BN doesn't realize that by giving them so much privileges, they are indirectly encouraging them to be lazy.
This of course just keeps going down a downhill spiral. Do the math. if they get lazier, their progress slows down, and the government has to keep giving the special rights to them. they keep getting even more dependent!!

This applies to most bumi's. not all. And I am not implying that its their fault. It's the governments!

Say you know a spoiled kid, do you blame the parents or the kid? Same concept.


We all know our government is one of the most stubborn ones around.

I take that back, stubborn and IN DENIAL. The worse possible combination you could probably have. What makes you think they are going to let a bunch of oppositions, (say an opposition political party) make amends, give suggestions or even be a part of the ruling system?Like whats-his-name demonstrated on WORLD WIDE television. he denied there were ever protests happening in KL. It was pretty stupid of him to do that when CNN had photographic evidence. strike one for our politicians.

If we know they are so stubborn, they obviously won't change right? so instead of killing ourselves and fighting against them, might as well just let them make their own mistakes and yes, run the country to the ground. Then maybe after that they won't have any more pride left to ever make stupid mistakes again. After all, our politician's mentality cannot possibly get any worse than this. and the people suffer? those who are smart enough will invest in other countries which are doing better. Or maybe it'll be worth if for everyone else to suffer. That will really hit them in the head like a bleeding brick. After all, if you're ready for bloodshed, why would a little economy crisis be any different?


The people of the world still think that Asians will never measure up.

Sad but true. No matter what you think, there is still an invisible wall that separates us Asians from the Americans and Europeans. Because whether we choose to believe it or not, they are still taller, bigger, stronger, and more manipulative than us. Thus, we will still be looked down.

Now, if we are now doing quite well over here, why should we waste our time and move to some other country, where Asians are looked down upon and not given the jobs and career opportunities they by right should get. So, we should all live with the system now, invest, make money and take it somewhere else to spend if you get tired of the government here. Nevermind the people who haven't used the 'hak istimewas' to their full advantage. screw it!

when life gives you lemons, be a lemonade tycoon! BAM. franchise baby.

And lastly..

I know why my family doesn't vote for DAP.

They don't exist in our area. poooh. We've come to a point where racial issues are so sensitive, that a little tip of the balance will send us tumbling into riots and protests. Vote for DAP not because they'll be any better, but because we have to keep our BN on their toes.

So ends my first and hopefully last political post in ages. whhooppie! =D


So you don't forget I'm still me. xP

Have a good night ya'll!


I almost forgot.. Supposed to do a tag about the form 3 bloggersphere. here it is!

Jocelyn Lim


One of the the most honest blogs I can find. it's completely about the life, troubles and emotions of a 15 year old girl. It makes you feel like you know her really up close and personnel. Also never fails to make me smile whenever she feels very strongly about something.


An intellectual insight to issues and dilemmas facing the world and also witty POV on issues to do with life. emotions and feelings are weaved very well into quotes and lyrics she posts along with her posts. Simple, yet fairly easy to understand.


Entertaining and a very advertisement written-style blog. Fun and easy to read, complete with bold, underlines, and italics which make a seemingly funny enough post even more funny. light hearted yet too the point, perfect for light reading and when you're feeling like the world is made of rocks.



An in-depth view of how she feels and what makes the girl tick. When you read it you really feel for her and have some idea of what she's going to. This blog definitely grows on you. It's written such that you see things in an almost theater like view where events in her life are amplified and remembered.


A blog all about issues facing us today that usually incorporates politics and hormones. It's fun to read when you strongly feel the same way he feels. it just adds sense, and a bit more salt to the story, allowing you to explore further into the situation without having to think too much. hurts my eyes though.


A blog that makes you feel very very comfortable reading. it makes you feel like hugging her and you get the same sensation as snuggling up to a fireplace when it's cold. Her posts are written such that it feels like she is talking to you personally and also addresses environmental issues. GO ELLIE! =D



A very straight-forward and blunt account of things. Jokes, catch phrases and comments which often keep wobble in your head even after you've read it. Entertaining, yet still exhibits the true essence of Junchuen. Hardly updated but worth a shot.


A blog with meaning. usually depicts the state of mind the blogger is in. While so posts can be very deep and emotional, some posts are filled with happy times and good memories.


Hardly ever updated. But a good description of what special events have happened in his life. Like I said, hardly updated, but otherwise, worth checking up on.


So it ends! I'll write more reviews next time. Right now I'm just so freaking tired. tahh.

Friday, 16 November 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 2:09 pm

"school's out! scream and shout!"

This post was due on friday. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I have dragged it on till today. And unfortunate I mean like, really BAD KARMA. Of all days, my computer had to decide it didn't like my keyboard and just not let it work. BOOOOOHH =( So yeah, I'm pretty much stuck here using my mum's laptop.

Inconvinient much! grrh.

So many things I want to write, but i really can't find the words to describe everything.

I know it's only form3 and all, but it still is very shattering to realise that next year, things WON'T be the same as they were. And it'll never be like that ever again. O.O

Have you ever wondered?

Would we all still know each other in say 10 years time?

Will we all live past 40?

What if one of us got a fatal disease?

Will one of us end up marrying the other?

Who'll be the millionaire? (definately not Tim. *COUGHCOUGH* =P)

If two of us were walking down the street to buy ice cream and happen to bump into each other... Would we recognise one another and say hi?

what if we're oblivious to this fact? Or worst still... Know it but just can't pluck up the courage to speak again. I mean, it's a really really scary thought that,- After all the promises of staying together and staying friends, it could all be forgotten. And it's only a matter of time.

Suuuurreee, they say you loose and make friends along the way. And it's proven to be less painful than it actually sounds. I guess you won't feel what your missing so much if you've found a replacement.


They say with age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom. BAH.

This year wasn't any different, and it is the best year I've had since i turned 13. =D

I've learnt that company doesn't always mean security. I've learn't to except myself for things I am and are not. I've learnt that being alone doesn't have to be lonely. I've learned that God is the only person you can put your full trust into. I've learned that kept secrets won't eat you up and digest you alive. I've learnt that trust is vital in any kind of relationship. And lastly, I've learned that no one is perfect and deep down inside, we all just want to fit in, love and BE loved in return. nothin to it really. =)

So, my heartfelt thankyou's to people who've helped me through sour and sweet this whole year... (I know, you've probably read this a thousand times but wtheck, I just NEED to say it. (:) In random order of course. I also give you permission to skip to your name. comeeonnnn, you know you waaannnnaaa.. =P

The girls I've come to love...


I simply lovelovelovelovelove you to bits and pieces and little bone fragments! You really are my happy pills and keep me sane when I go insane. You give me clear perspective of things and funny scenarios to make me laugh. I've always known I can trust you with anything, and I love you for it! Together we're a package and we'll always be a package no matter how many miles we are apart.


stick-ish bunnie

You're the strong woman who can take a challenge straight on head first. I love hearing your jokes and hearing your laugh all the way across the room. If there were more of you around, the world would deffinately me a better place. How you can help people with their problems even though you have yours too. I know its been a little tough this year with all the emofying problems but you've got through it, and I'll always be here for you!

chili padi

AKA the random red dot flying around the netball court. heee, the sun loves you darlinh, and so do I! I can relate really well with you and you understand how I feel. Thank you for being there to hear my rants and just give me a neutral opinion on everything. You the bomb man! Don't ever have to worry about what people say because it's impssible to impress everyone. Muahmuah.

Boobylicious sexay

My purple loving buddy who has complete opposite taste in music as me. hee, our differences are what brings us together. =) Thankyou for being the headstrong rock this year and reinforcing the term "I don't needa man!"to all of us. and an additional thankyou for giving me huge tips on how to get a guy without being obvious. ;) It's okay if no one understands this part. =D



My wonderfull atas pagar friend who gives the most down to earth advice on so many things. thank you for sharing your food with all of us and even being so generous with everything you have. I love you for your kengyee-ness and your witty take on things, screams in class, and even magnetism to all things chocolate.I wish i had your art skills and your way of blogging that keeps everyone awake and happy! we need to go out more dummy!! =D


smartass future doctor

The brain of the class and the constant name you hear in the morning being shouted out. "ZHEENNGG! BORROW YOUR SEJARAH CAAN??" you smart woman with the amazing brain complete with the boyfriend whom everyone drools on. w do you do it woman!? thank you for lending me your homework and even laughing along with me when i crack my lame jokes. hehehahahahehehehahaha


The hot-ness

The very matured woman who really knows how to make people laugh. your laugh is super infectious and you understand what it means to love and be loved back. *clapclapclap* Your cool-ness makes everyone go wow and you throw the best party ever! :D


fairest of them all

The bubbly smilling person I see at the other end of the corridoor everyday. you light up my world from every angle and school just isn't complete without you!


You make everyone feel comfortable and are happy no matter what and make me feel happy whatever time of day it is. love you to bits you multi-talented volleybal/netball person! =D

and the guys I've come to love too. =D
(random order too. ;))


tennis ball biceps

My fellow only child who can relate to whatever I'm feeling when I feel different. Your a super wonderfull guy whom everyone loves to talk to and your football skills are the bomb!!I know you think alot about things and you the super considerate guy! thank you for brightening up my life. =D

Goldfish from the supersports planet!

Takes a while to get used to your sarcasm and perasan-ness but when it comes down to it, I know your heart's always in the right place. Thank you for filling up my inbox and also teman-ing me through the boring-est of times. It's nice to know a guy who has the same oppinion as me on so many things. :)

Tim Tai
future James Blunt

Your singing is just hillarious and your jokes super lame. thankyou for being the disruption in class and for you witty comments during class to make stupid subjects bearable.

laugh till your head pops guy

we all love mark!! including me too. Thankyou mark for you lamelamelame jokes and comments that keep everyone in stitches the whole time. You're also my science lab buddy who sleeps in class and still gets the same marks and me.( I still haven't forgiven you for that. =P ) Your jst the super nice guy whose just super nice. No other way to describe him I'm afraid. =)


MrChan with the uncountable wives

JianHua the pimp with the nice house! thankyou for buying me diamond ring and making me your wife. =D A very nice person to begin with and you understand us girls. ^^


praying mantice

A guy i feel comfortable with. I miss you in K class and miss your constant jokes and smartelek comments which makes everyone crack up. Thankyou for your praying mantice faces and all the conversations we've had talking bout crap.



Your someone I like talking to and can relate really easily with. We have been through a fair bit before, but that's the past. Thankyou for lending an ear when I have problems and for all the good times. And just so you know, I still do like talking to you. =D

"whose my sexaaayyy!?"

The sensitive cook who has a big interest in politics, hormones and cooking. You're not what you seem and i know deep deep deep down inside there is someone who is grounded and knows what your priorities are. Thankyou for cooking great chocolate cake and sharing it with all of us. =D And well, you know, you'll always be xianwei and thats just fine with me. ^^

the quiet

you're super quiet lah! but much better this year. Even though your always quietly in the background, you'll always be part of one big happy famil. We all like you for you and don't let the world get you down!


I'm finally done! whoooott. I know lah, it may sound sappy, but I wouldn't waste so much time writting something i don't mean. So yeah, thats how i really feel bout all ya'll. Since i've spent so much time writting this post, i'll just end it here.

Happy holidays everyone!

p.s: pictures and blog analysis to come next post!

Thursday, 8 November 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 3:37 pm

Okay, now what?

*que mandark laugh*

Many of you may not have known but at some point of time, I got so bored of the internet that I have stopped going on completely. shock! horror! i know. =P

Hee.. but it's stilll nice to know that some of you still come here to check if i've updated. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been out and about quite a lot these days. My kakak's gone for like 2 months!! Which means more house work and chores for me. But I'm not complaining yet. Being at home sometimes is like a whole soap opera, A battle between my mum and her mum. yes! battle of the female influence continues!

So it usually starts with my grandma being all motherly. She does EVERYTHING even though we all don't want her too. This means she stays up till 11 doing silly little things in the kitchen that don't really make much difference. ie: washing all the cups on the counter even though they're clean. O.O

then my mum gets pissed at her and ignores her. at the same time while my mum's doing her share of chores, the grandma strikes back again and breathes down her neck. Or in this case, all of our necks.



I used to think that The Pavillion was stupid and you couldn't buy anything there for less than a 100 bucks. Don't get me wrong, i just think that however nice desginer stuff are, they are all overated! Why spend 10k on an LouisVuitton handbag when you can buy like a kazillion other unamed hand bags for a spec of the price? Of course i could be bitter because i know i'd never spend that much on a good handbag. But if you kind hearted people want to give me one for my birthday or something, I support you!! =D

But then again.. I could be bias. (clothes I buy are all on sale most of the time)

I mean REALLY. would you give all this up?

for just one of this?


BUT, i do stand corrected. Because the last time i went, The pavillion was buzzing with life! And God, I think this place would give malls like klcc and MidValley a run for their money. The place isn't ALL designer, and there are some pretty descent shops for the person with a little change in their pockets.

And its big and spacious too! Not like TimesSquare big, but conveniantly big. navigating around is not horrible and well, it's just complete with that whole 'high class mall' atmosphere. And the best thing is...

It's in the city!!!!!

or in other words...


I'm so happy. i'm a real city kid so all i wake up to see everyday are tall buildings. I even have a perfect view of the twin towers when i shower through my bathroom window. But its the feeling of isolation i hate. everyone else lives at different places. stretching from Hartamas, Pj, damansara, Tropicana and cheras.

Hmm... so pictures from holloween! you've probably seen then in other people's blogs but I'll post some anyway. save you a click. =)

Group picture!

Ryan, SueAnn and I!

The Arabian, Egyption, bartender, and devil

Siti Ann the cat! <3 minus the ears



and again!

Okiedokie, Now i've got that over and done with, I shall see ya'll next time! My blog shall be revived! i promise i promise. =D

until then, i'm going to change and go shopping with my darling mother. whoooo!


Saturday, 3 November 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 9:13 am

An account of what's been happening.

Most obviously, the most interesting thing that's happened this week would be the Holloween Party!!! HAHA, yes, I managed to convince my mum to let me go. And she ended up being really happy to let me go because i didn't sloth around the computer and set my hands on more "productive" things. ie: Making my costume!!

It really wasn't intentional lahh. cause I was too stingy a poker to go rent a costume. =.='

But it worked out!! cause in the end Jian Hua and I won the best dressed award! power to Zorro and Cleopetra! =D Thank you people who voted for me. heee.

at least I know that my tireless hours of slaving (CCHHEEEHH xD) away making my collar and bracelets weren't wasted! This goes to show that you don't need money for everything. =D

But seriously, some of the costumes were just so cute and hillarious. and uh, scary too. haha! Trisha was a cow who murdered Jon.Y. O.o or was it the other way around? Either way, both of them had fake flood dripping all over their hands and in Jon's case, his neck. cool eh? :p And my darling SueAnn was a sexay cat! Grace was a hot bartender, Jo the incredibly festive skinny bunny, Allysa the killer devil, and ChengYee the uber godessy roman girl.

And kengyee didn't come! ah. screw you! The party was rid of one vampire/witch and you were missed. =(

I don't have any pictures YET, but I'm sure I'll get some soon! coughcough* But until then I'll keep you updated.

Netball is officially the most blood-thirsty sport that I've ever played. Most people think it's easy shit, and they're wrong. The fact that we don't run when we get the ball only makes it easier for people to collide into each other! I've learnt that while playing with L. Lyssa the scary woman. O.O it was overall a really really close game lah. and I'm sorry everyone who I've shoved and injured. :)

and something to ponder about... I quote from XiaoYun:

'You know, when you're in a game and all, people say sorry about how they act. But i think that how you act in a game is your real self."

Whooaaa. Scarry isn't that? T.T And to make things worse, I'm a freak when i play netball, and i know it. maybe cause I'm so competetive. But, oh well... :)

I shall post pictures another time!

the chihuahua says goodbyee! :D