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ChiaSuYen says that..

If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all. :)

If you got a buck, you should Spend it on food. Duh.

She may be dumb, but she is not stupid.

She has a million things to say but has writer's block most of the time.

Say something cool.




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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Saturday, 22 March 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 1:56 pm

Get this! you have to watch it.

You absolutely HAAAVVEE to. I won't even bother intro-ing it. It'll explain itself.

She's only like 6! and her smile is just so adorable. I want a kid like that.. =]

And if you think that was good, watch this.

She even sings Abba! I lover her.

lastly. Her voice is just amazing.

Aren't you glad you clicked? And it's so incredible. She sings like a pro, even when her voice is still kinda undeveloped. Says a lot doesn't it?

Go dig up more on her! She'll be the next uh.. Christina Aguilera. With a sweeter voice. (:

Friday, 21 March 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 7:46 am

Eat my words!

I like blogging. Not because of obvious reasons, but it's fun to know that people are at some point interested in what you think and all. It's good to know someone cares, even though they might only be reading it for photos or for bitching purposes. But thats besides the point. xP

So I have come to a conclusion! We all have tons to say... but just have trouble witting it down. see...
Think of how many potential posts I've killed! all drafts. Not anyone's fault. You tell yourself you're gonna finish it tomorrow, and something 'new' pops up. HAH, oh well.. maybe some posts aren't supposed to be put up. I'll take it as a sign.

I'm sorta lost for words now. I'm bored but can't be bothered to talk about my otherwise boring life, mainly in school rotating between homework and results. two topics I'd rather not hear about. So first, some random stuff!

Today should go down in history!
You'll never believe it. My parents actually let me drive a car today. HAHAA. yes you heard me right. DRIVE A CAR!! =D Kind of was a surprise for me, cause you know, I had always been kidding about the whole 'teach me how to drive before i'm 17' thing. And I usually brought it up to remind my darling parents that I am in fact not a little kid who is terrified of being alone somewhere.

I know! I should have pictures and all. But i didn't wanna be so jakunted. But believe me, it is super scary!! I mean, who knows how much to turn and how much to accelerate. It's like doing that weird belly rub thing while you pat your head. o_o And it's worse cause you know your life could end or something could go really wrong if you screw up a slightest bit.

and the acceleration is suuuuper sensitive! I think if I sneezed and had my feet on the acceleration pedal,I'd drive straight into a brick wall. O.O *shudders* and If I break too fast and too much, the law of inertia would send me flying forward, crashing through the glass. Thank God for safety belts.

Scary, but awesome! =D ehehe, so today should go down in history, I figured, and what better way to remember it that to proclaim it here? Maybe next year I'll be able to get my license and actually decide where I wanna go and take myself there. That'd be the epitome of coolness!

But then again. This only reminds me how old I am and how fast the world moves. sigh. Less than two years of actual school left!

Oh, and... The Pavilion is having MORE sales! omg. so awesome man. I browsed through Voir and saw some pretty tops for less than 30 bucks. T.T shoes were on 50% too, and they weren't the usual smelly dirty ugly things you'd usually see in bargain bins. That should be on my to-do list. RETAIL THERAPY! always works.

So just a short one today. I'll blog uh. SOON. x)


Tuesday, 11 March 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 1:50 pm

Today was a good day!


Went to mv today with the usual suspects, Ryan, Josh, JunChuen, Tim, XianWei, Lionel SueAnn and XiaoYun. From the trip, I learned that...

10000 b.c was the bomb!! =D Even though i made xyun give me a little running commentary through the whole movie. I don't know why people think it sucks, but i think it's really good! A milder version of Apocalypto, mind you, but the trick is to not compare it with anything.

Her beautiful blue eyes. (:

She's a Jojo/LindsayL lookalike. But waaay prettier.

And also D'leh. acted by Steven Strait

And please lah! I thought it was pretty good for a Noob movie without any well-known actors. Everyone's gotta start somewhere right?

Ohh.. before i forget!

A big thankyou to Gracielahh and my dearest Kengyee for the green bag! =D I really love it and like you said, "It's so suyen!" I couldn't agree more. (; love you guys to bits.

And a big thankyou to My darlinh SitiAnn han bin onn and also my tennis ball bicep friend, Ryanterrance for the little cat toy thing. Now it shall stare at me every night when i go to sleep. ^^

So, to more current issues...

We know everyone has been talking about the big swing towards the opposition.

I mean seriously lah, doesn't BN know? It's not like we WANT to vote for the opposition, it's just that they're doing such a crappy job of running a country. They are only shooting themselves in the head. HAH, and see what happens now? share market is down, prices are going to keep going up and our economy will take a while to bounce back.

But seriously, the promise about the "I will lower down petrol costs" is a bunch of crap to me. What makes you think every individual candidate has a say in such a major issue like that? If you want to make promises, you should just make promises you can keep. If it were true, we wouldn't even have to pay for petrol. -.-

moving on...

Meet my furry little friend, Mr Musang! ;D A.K.A the civics cat.

Take my word for it, he looked much cuter when I first saw him. I had to take this off the internet, cause i didn't snap a picture of him in time. But one day, while i was innocently using my computer, he popped up right in front of my window sill!! And ever since then, life has not been the same.

Because no matter how much I've argued that he's too cute to die, my dad insists that he has to go. It has been making it's usual route around my house through the ledge, and yes, Pooing everywhere! Apparently musang poop is huge and is like dog shit. xD So okay lah, understood.

Begin! on the window sill.
Across the ledge

and the boobytrapped ledge.

And finally.. into the trap. see, there's a nice apple there to tempt him!

dad: Eh, we have to find another way! We still haven't caught it with the trap! Can we poison it with rat poison?

mum: No you can't! because if it shits or falls of the edge you will kill the Koi! You still want to risk it ah?

Dad: Oh. can we put rat traps then? maybe we can snap it off the edge.

mum: NO! what if it falls into the fish pond?? You will panic the kois.

Dad: Haiiyoo.. then what to do?

mum: Be patient! he will get caught. Eventually.

fortunately, the lucky little thing has yet to stumble on our traps. =D

Okay, one last picture. It was such a nice day today! plus you can see my two darlings. ahaha.


Friday, 7 March 2008!
LAMENTED AT; 3:45 pm

Exams are finally over.. YAY!

I don't even want to talk about it. so there you go. I've sort of lost the blogging fever. It's so hard to write down thoughts now.. Especially when every minute of every day is wasted by worrying about date dues and stuff. So a break from school stuff!

First, Tagged by Gracielahh!

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1.)What was your dream when you were in your childhood?
I wanted to grow up and marry a prince!(Just so i could where the puffy dresses! xD)

2.)Rainy days or sunny days?Why?
A good mix. One rainy and one sunny day all around the year should do it. minus the humidity, am I being to demanding? :D

3.)Which do you like the most? Black or White?
White matches better and isn't so serious.

4.)Who would you marry?
Someone sexy. =/ no, I'm serious!

5.)Where is the place you would like to go most? Why?
Europe or Paris! So I can shop and be fabulous. :D And eat in those petit little cafes. yuuup (:

6.)Who are you most afraid of losing?
Mahhh parents.

7.) When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
Listen to Disney songs and go online.

8.)What was the best thing you've learned in 2007?
You never know what you got till it's gone!

9.) If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him? Or just keep the secret in the heart, observing by yourself?
HAHAHAAA, definitely keep it a secret. Or I might hint if he hints
. ;)

10.) Till now, what is the moment that you regret most?
Not keeping up my chinese... I don't want to be a banana!!

11.) What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?
Good social skills.

12.) Which type of person you hate most?
The hypocritical ones. Or not so much hate, Dislike.

13.) What is your ambition?
NO engineering, accounting, (or anything to do with numbers) Medicine, or law. Anything other than that, bring it on! OH, and preferably to desk jobs.

14.)Would you rather be someone else at this moment?

15.) If you could have 1 dream come true, what would it be?

I'd find something I really love and be really good at it.

16.) What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
I'd go around screaming "I TOLD YOU SO!" before i spend my last few hours with friends and family.

17.)Who's your favourite cartoon character?
Danny Phantom! He's hot.

... Or maybe Blue, the blue blog from fosters home for imaginary friends. :D

18.)What do you think that is most important in your life?
Jesus! my friends, and family.

19.)Describe your dream house
A small cottage in a seemingly suburban area with a biiiig compound with a cherry tomato tree, rose bushes, apple trees, a small lake and a pool. =D

20) If you could be any movie character, who would you be? why?
Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) in the Princess Diaries! simply because of the princess clothes and her great power to rule Genovia! I would make everyone print exam papers on recycled paper. *ahem*

That pretty much sums it up! Ahh.. So to calm my nerves for the past few days, I have buried myself in Disney songs. I swear, it's just too addictive. But i find it hard to forget a song once i
start singing. And songs I haven't heard in like years and years come back every now and then. siiiggggghh.

Oh well, it's only a matter of time till i get sick of it. Until then it can keep me company when i feel like throwing my books out the window. Ugh, even if its not Disney, it's soundtracks. xD

Theres just no escaping! Damn I feel so corny now. I can't even believe I'm blogging about this.

So i took the liberty of printscreening my itunes. I've highlighted the ones i totally totally recommend!

Go download!
spread the Disney joy!