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ChiaSuYen says that..

If you have nothing nice to say, Don't say anything at all. :)

If you got a buck, you should Spend it on food. Duh.

She may be dumb, but she is not stupid.

She has a million things to say but has writer's block most of the time.

Say something cool.




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Hello people,
My name is Su-Yen.
Or I could also be Yennie or Yen.
I am seventeen going on a hundred.
I like long walks and country sides.
I like the smell of rain and trees.
This is my blog, Though I'm not sure what it's actually for.
Maybe I want attention. Like yay! x)
No seriously, maybe I do.

Saturday, 27 October 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 8:44 am

Once again, I am alive!

I'm sorry people for the lack of updates, but i just can't seem to know what to blog about. No inspiration no?

It took me like 10 minutes to load this page, so i shall not waste my efforts. Come to think of it, what are we supposed to blog about now that life's a series of blur flashes of light? Classes are over and everyone's pretty much in the post exam mood now. and at WMS, this period of time is when buckets of kids run around and play games to win a hamper for class. LOL, sounds primitive, but in the end that's all we get. Of course, minus the satisfaction and the pride and etc.

I will not bore you with explaining what happened at post exams and all. I think almost everyone who reads my blog are from WMS anyway, so there's not much point to it. But briefly...

Today we had a building-a-model-out-of-recyclable-items competition, which was, I have to admit, quite the fizzle. =D And this being a post exam activity, had to be.. YES, educational. So, our theme was bentuk muka bumi and the waterfalls and volcanos stold the show!

Even though we spent almost 2 hours under the sun trying to get our newspaper to stick together and stressing over what colour to paint the boulders, we managed to make a deccent waterfall, complete with river, forest and all. Shall post pictures if i manage to sneak a cam to school. ^^

As XianWei said, quote; "blog about something that interests you!'

I currently have nothing running in and out of my mind, so i shall blog some other time. I think this is the result of not having to think anymore. Because the only thoughts in my head these days are "when will this be over?" or "what should we do next?" or even "Let's go to the water cooler!"


again with the boring word posts. oh well. xD

OH OH OH OH OH!! did you know, that Bimbotic is not an actual word? O.o

cause i didn't.


I'm so... Bimbotic.


Monday, 15 October 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 3:14 pm

The world Spins!

hahaha! i haven't blogged in like, ages. I just hit me when i realised I had to retype my email and password to get to this page. =X

Hey, don't blame me! my internet's been down. Interestingly enough, my very own Tsav (technology savvy) mother managed to fix it. Yay mum!

But anyway, first of all...

(follow the red box.)

I know its a pathetic excuse of a photo, but like Jo said, he's cam shy.. Plus he's always the one helping us take photos. THANK YOU MARK!! =D

(follow red box again!)

Xiaoyun called her when we were in school that morning. She sounded a lil' sleepy, even though it was 9 in the morning in Aus already! Oh well.. I love her to bits. Miss you girl! :D

and also,


To all people who do celebrate it, and at least acknowledge it, for alot of us it's just a holiday, but well.. A holiday's a holiday ain't it? :p

We all live in a multi-racial country, so i think it's only right we give it credit for how far we've come. I'm not saying that we've haven't made lots of mistakes in the past (or present), or that some of the decisions were that smart, but hey, i guess every country has it's flaws. Gotta except that.

So yeah, Today I went to my wonderful neighbour's house for hari raya. Gosh, i miss Faridah. Last time i saw her was when? many months ago? ever since she left for boarding school i haven't seen much of her around. What happened to those times we used to go over each other's houses to play duets?? Or that time we went swimming and she ate cat food.

ahh.. soo wonndeerrfull.. :)

i met two of her friends from the boarding school too. And i would like to say that they're very nice people. ahaha. so those of you who still carry the image of loosers and weirdos from 'sekolah asramah penuh's' I suggest you change your mindset now. because from what i hear, It's a really cool place to be. And the bond between each other there is really tight.

So, do yourselves a favour and respect all that. One day you'll be shipped off and you'll regret!

Bytheway, Faridah, if you're reading this, SEND ME YOUR LINK TOOPID. =P

And also, send me the piccies when you're online! =D

Oh yes, I almost forgot. since the post exam activities have been really screwed up this year, (ie: debating?? spelling?? quiz?? powerpoint presentations??!!!??) I, (with a bit of persuassion and fueled anger) got my fellow K class girls to voice out our utmost disgust to the vice principal.

HAHA, fine, maybe it wasn't that canggih and all but still...

Anyway, we did try to tell her how we felt about the activities being all academic and all.. but yeah, as we all expected, nothing really came out of it. She just said that the activities were in fact, not that creativity starved and that she "Liked change" and we should just except it.

we didn't expect to win lah, but oh well.. at least we did say something. We were so hyped up we were ready to start a riot. but like SueAnn and KengYee said, that would have just lead to...





Ah well.. I'm just a tad sad for the form 1ns. I know matthews has already screwed up so many things and probably already embarrassed the school enough, but i still hate to see it go to the dumps. You know, she's just living off Mr Peter's glory and someone should just shove a sock up her mouth. geese, don't even get me started.

But yeah, things were so much funner when we had Dota matches, fashion shows, fruit decos, Dance, and weslyan idol. gone are those days...

Ahh well, lets all get her kicked off the school bored! laalalalalalala.

kisses. =D

Thursday, 11 October 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 9:58 am

Makes you wanna Dance!

It's over. =) all over. well, at least for this year anyways. I'm looking forward to a long period of doing nothing. MAN, i miss that feeling.

It's scary to think that I'll be going to college in about 2 years time. I mean, it felt like it would never come before, and suddenly, it's about to come. Ahh.. seems like just yesterday we were all at orientation.

Shall blog another time. Too lazy. =P

I’m feelin’ the way you cross my mind
And you save me in the knick of time
I’m ridin’ the highs, I’m diggin’ the lows
‘Cause at least I feel alive
I’ve never faced so many emotional days
But my life is good
I’m feelin’ you

Sunday, 7 October 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 12:32 pm

Hello world!

I can smell freedom. I cannn i cann! it's right around the corner...

But sadly, To smell and to taste is different. If you read my last post, You'd know why. WHY OH WHY? =(

So yeah, the much awaited Telawi thing has just passed, and I am now poorer by a sufficient ammount of money. But oh well, who cares, I'm done with hoarding and i needed retail therapy, As Xianwei calls it. But it was totally worth it, I even got a shiny bag! which is exactly the same as Xiaoyun's but silver.

So since everyone has already blogged about it, I'll just move on. I think Grace and XiaoYun have already explained it thoroughly, click to go to their blogs! So for now I'll just post some pictures. I don't have much, cause you know, I didn't really camwhore. *HAAAAACK*

take one!

take 2!

And i finally got a picture with Kengyee hon. love her to death. =D

Gah, i still cannot get over the fact that they waste so much paper just for exams! Save the enviroment man. One day when there aren't any trees left you'll be sorry.

OHHHH. and I've a list of comfort foods you might want to try sometime when you're feeling too stick-ish. Nothin better than binging on sweet stuff when your mind is just so damn empty.


You'd be suprised at how many yummy things you can conjure up with with just tiger biscuits as a base.

tiger biscuits you ask? what be those? =(

Tiger biscuits,
"the only hi-energy, power packed biscuit that brings together the goodness of milk, and glucose alone with the strength of calcuim and wheat, for adults and children alike."

in other words, cheap Malaysian made biscuit which glucose certainly exceeds all the healthy milk and calcium and wheat in the biscuit. But who cares? It's yummy. :D

My personnal guilty favourite, PEANUT BUTTER. *Drools*

Serving suggestions:

1) lump peanut butter on WHITE bread, and top with two teaspoons of sugar on top of the spread.
2) Dip (yes DIP) tiger biscuit in peanut butter. Chunky peanut butter goes especially well. =D

def: Chocolate spread for bread

and the serving suggestion is dipping tiger biscuit in it too. I promise it'll taste phenomenal! and uhh, bread goes well with it too, but nothing beats the biscuit. heeeeee

Not forgetting my past favourite...

Kaya and goldfish.

seeee, the little guys even smiling at me! :D

Lastly, how could anyone forget?


You know how in movies sit around and eat a tub of haagen dass with spoon straight from the container?
Yeahh, I've done that. and by golly, it really really works!

So now that i've shared my top comfort foods with you, I hope you attempt to try it. Cause you know, I like making people happy (and fat). =P

Goodbye world!

Thursday, 4 October 2007!
LAMENTED AT; 11:50 am

Let's spend tonight on top of the world
And we can do anything,
We can be anything
I'll meet you tonight on top of the world
As real as it seems,
You're only in my dreams

Just two more official days of PMR (KH and Geo to be exact). But unfortunately, while everyone else from every other school are kicking off their shoes, letting down their hair and running wild, we good deciplined Wesley Methodist School students will be squeezing our brains (or whats left of it) for more exams. *gasp!*

Yeap, which means that this will mean a double for alot of subjects. Ie: Maths, English, Bm, Sej and Science. And before your jaws drop even further below your chins, We all will be streamed based on the school exam, rather than the tres important PMR everyone's been buzzing on and on about. HAH, so typical m'sian right?

I Don't know why, But I'm finding loads of flaws in Malaysian systems nowadays. Maybe it's cause we're all more paranoid and conscience about things happening around us since the Nurin Murder, or maybe its all the newspapers I've been reading lately. But who cares, the point is... and have you wondered?

HOW many trees they had to kill for all the paper they gave us throughout the exams? Inclusive of question papers and test pads.
and here they are talking about saving the enviroment and crap. Fine lah, they don't have to ban exams (even though that would be preferable =P) they don't even have the decency to set a good example by using recycled paper!

it is a FACT

Americans have ONE major exam,

Brittish schools have TWO major exams,

and M'sian schools are Kiasu enough to have THREE major exams, inclusive of UPSR. Do we really want to put our kids through all these exams at such an early age? later arh, people from elsewhere ask them,

"what do you remember about your childhood?"
"Oh uh, study loh, for my exam."


uhh-huuuh, everyone nod your heads in unison. And okay fine, this is an improvement to the FOUR major exams we had last time. Remember PTS? that was like what? in standard 3? O.o

I mean, I don't mean to be so political about it, but it's the truth right?

DID you also know that...
being an examiner in the exam hall must be so freaking boring? Just imagine, even we find it hard to stay entertained for more than fifteen minutes after finishing our papers. And the thing is, we can actually sleep. what do the examiners do for two hours say for the BM exam? How many times can you walk up and down the hall looking for cheaters?

AND Doctors are now de-appreciated?
Okay fine, this is purely out of my newspaper reading. An Australian doctor helped a passenger on a flight to kl. he requested for first class but was said no to by malaysian airlines. Okay, fair enough, they probably didn't have enough seats or something. And he should have been contented enough to help a patient. Doctors shouldn't ask for rewards for their service.
But... there was this other doctor, this time, he was M'sian. and he helped a Myanmar mother and her kid, the kid was dehydrtated. He was treated very well throughout the trip, the kid was given a seat in first class to lie down, and naturally he also got to sit with her because he was caring for her. When he got off, the Airline people thanked him and said he would be getting a letter from the airlines thanking him and an additional previllage of first class flights for the rest of his life.

and you know what? nothing came. He said he wouldn't think twice about helping someone in need, but the fact it, doctors like all human beings liked to be thanked in some way or another. And if the airline people really didn't want to, they didn't have to make empty promises by telling him about the letter and the previllages he would be getting.

Okay, am getting carried away. nevermind! i still live in a bubble where I want to believe that people don't get hauled into white vans on their way to pasar malams.

Toooddllees! :D